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remove 301 redirect for specific site

test setup

  • create redirect with 301
  • open url and confirm page is redirected
  • remove redirect (set it to 303 redirect)
  • open url and 301 persists

tip 1: remove url from history (does not work!)


  • open history (CTRL+H)
  • filter history entries by entering the url
  • check the first entry then select all using keyboard shortcut CTRL+A
  • remove selected entries


  • page is still redirected when following the instructions
  • url is not even listed when the page was opened only with the 301 redirect

tip 2: disable cache in dev-tools (works!!1)

  • open new tab
  • open dev tools
  • tab "network" - check option "disable cache"
  • enter url in tab and open it
  • uncheck option "disable cache" and close dev tools

tip 3: remove last hour of history (untested)



  • open url
  • open history (CTRL+H)
  • click "clear browsing data"
  • switch tab "advanced"
  • select time range "last hour"
  • ??check all settings??